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KIDS Fumiko Dress - Oatwheat

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*For actual color , refer to IG 

*material not stretchable

(80cm)XS:  Bust 46cm, Waist 42cm, Length 54cm, Hips Free

(90cm)S: Bust 51cm, Waist 46cm, Length 57cm, Hips  Free

(100cm)M: Bust 54cm, Waist 48cm, Length 60cm, Hips  Free

(110cm)L: Bust 60cm, Waist 54cm, Length 63cm, Hips  Free

(120cm)XL: Bust 66cm, Waist 60cm, Length 68cm, Hips  Free

(130cm)XXL: Bust 70cm, Waist 62cm, Length 72cm, Hips  Free

(140cm)XXXL: Bust 74cm, Waist 66cm, Length 74.5cm, Hips  Free


how to choose the size?


i)height: 112cm ; choose size 120cm 

ii) height 95cm ; choose size 100cm

iii) height 91cm ; choose size 90cm or size 100cm (according to own preference)

iv) height 119cm ; choose size 130cm 
(according to own preference)